07 February 2008

Rush passes the hat for Hillary

Rush Limbaugh announced on his talk radio show Thursday a fundraising effort to help lift Sen. Hillary Clinton to the Democratic nomination for President.

Limbaugh cited the news released earlier today of the Clinton campaign's flagging finances, and the popular perception that the former First Lady would be a weaker candidate against a Republican in the general election than her chief rival, Sen. Barack Obama.

Of Obama, Limbaugh said, "You don't get the fear and loathing off of him" that would motivate conservatives to get out and vote for Republican front-runner Sen. John McCain. McCain has recently faced a firestorm of criticism from many in his own party for being too moderate, or even too liberal, to bear the GOP standard.

Limbaugh also unveiled the slogan for his fund drive: "Keep her in it so we can win it." More here

1 comment:

Station Agent said...

That man is just a mess. He really thinks it's a game. He thinks being in the opposition is going to be like the old days. Like none of the blood and mayhem never happened and nobody has to pay for it. Hillary as President would be his worst nightmare because she would put him out of business this time.

I like the new place. Glad you're back in the blog-game.